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pleasure (& honor?) of catching four "cod" weighing in all 100 lbs.
Life in the Arctic Regions! Why the Sea, Land & Air seems full of it!! No less than 8 Cod fish, weighing by estimation 25 lbs. each, were lost in drawing them [[insertion]] from [[/insertion]] [[strikethrough]] [[out of]] [[/strikethrough]] the sea up the ship's side. If this loss had not occurred, full 1/2 ton of the finest fish in the world would have been secured to us in less than four hours by the use of only three fish lines! As it was we had 800 lbs.
One Hallibut - Hippoglopus Vulgaris - weighed 125 lbs and 2 fifty such. I was astonished at the sight [[insertion]] of [[/insertion]] [[every?]] "Cod" drawn in. Such bellies!
Talk about [[insertion]] Alderman, [[/insertion]] fat men, myself included -  We are not a circumstance to these Northern Cod-fish [[strikethrough]] modest [[/strikethrough]] aristocracy! Their distended stomachs are a sight to behold! It's the addition of the last straw that breaks so many Camel's backs.
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It would seem as if the introduction of a single periwinkle into the ventricles of digestion of such Cod (if like [[strikethrough]] [[illegible]] [[/strikethrough [[insertion]] the [[/insertion]] ones [[insertion]] we [[/insertion]] have caught) would be followed [[insertion]] by [[/insertion]] an explosion! Man the only being who is [[strikethrough]] a [[/strikethrough]] gluttonous! No, indeed, while the Cod-fish of this frigid zone continue their present habits!!
" The great fish live off of Little ones". The stomachs of those "Cod" we caught were filled with various smaller fish including a [[insertion]] very [[/insertion]] liberal share of Crabs.

Transcription Notes:
In the word 'loss' page 1, the old way of writing 'ss' which appears 'fs'is used.

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