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[[pencil]] 85 [[/pencil]]
[[strikethrough]] - Cl  & Cl [[/strikethrough]]

and calms, we might have made the passage in 25 to 30 Days 
Capt. B. has made the passage in 34 Days, [[strikethrough]] but [[/strikethrough]] he says that generally it takes 30.
But as it is, we have reason to thank God for His [[strikethrough]]safe [[/strikethrough]] care and protection over us in this voyage. O, may He continue his Blessings, [[strikethrough]] that He [[/strikethrough]] may He be near unto me while in the prosecution of the great worke before me. With Thee, O, God, I can accomplish much: without Thee what am I? Nothing! Nothing!!

The "Rescue", the vessel used in the 1st Grinnell Expedition in search of Sir John Franklin started from New London at the time we did.
The orders were to keep together [[strikethrough]] as [[/strikethrough]] if possible, [[strikethrough]] but [[/strikethrough]] On the night of [[space for date]] during the [[strikethrough]] wind [[/strikethrough]] prevailing
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[[in pencil]] 86 [[/pencil]]
fogs & wind we lost her. But the rendezvous is at this place where we are daily expecting to see her.

At 10 o'clock we dropped anchor
All was now excitement - Every one was busy doing [[underlined]] something [[/underlined]].
Meridian came, [[strikethrough]] but - but then [[/strikethrough]] but before it, came greeting us on every hand their familiar little musical, dipterious insects with long slender rostrums the length of their bodies, each having a sucker containing five sharp firm pointed, needle-like organs forming an apparatus the delicacy of which is unrivalled. Little did we expect so [[strikethrough]] such a [[/strikethrough]] [[underlined]] warm [[/underlined]] [[insertion]] a [[/insertion]] reception in the [[underlined]] Arctic Regions [[/underlined]] from so familiar faces as [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] musquitos'! Talk about musquitos in the United States, being numerous & troublesome! No man who has never visited the Arctic Regions in the months of July & August knows any [[insertion]] thing [[/insertion]]
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Transcription Notes:
The first Grinnel Expedition referred to here left New York on May 22, 1850, not 1860...