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[[pencil]] 135 [[/pencil]]
gathered [[insertion]] within 10 square feet [[/insertion]]enough to cook the abundant dinners of 50 men. 
Our dinner was followed also by a short sleep on Nature's flowing bed with a canopy of a [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] Clear, azure Arctic Sky. At one [[insertion]] o'clk [[/insertion]] we commenced our steps homeward. Sterry started a minute ahead. I lost his trail - called to him hastened on & turned my head upward & there from behind the craggy rocks wreathed in smoke ushered Sterry who had started another fire to demonstrate [[insertion]] again [[/insertion]] the readiness with which a fire could be made in the "Arctic Regions" 
At the base of 2 very high mountains came to [[insertion]] many [[/insertion]] huge rocks [[insertion]] of thousands of tons weight [[/insertion]] that [[strikethrough]] had [[/strikethrough]] years ago had tumbled down from near the top of one of said mountains. The identical place - the fittings seen in the rocks & their former Home-seats were unmistakable.
Every where to be seen the effects of the Winter - [[insertion]] of [[/insertion]]the frozen water that percolates into the crevices [[ste?]]
The tremendous workings of Nature
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[[in pencil]] 136 [[/pencil]]

in these [[strikethrough]] Mounting [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] Mountains of Greenland during the Long Arctic Night often result in what many of the inhabitants think to be earth-quakes when in fact Frozen Water is the Cause!
[[strikethrough]] Chry [[/strikethrough]] Crystal - bubbling brooks [[strikethrough]] met our [[/strikethrough]] met in our pathway - flowers innumerable [[strikethrough]] have [[/strikethrough]] fuel in great abundance [[strikethrough]] all along [[/strikethrough]] Peat also in abundance - Came to a plain that had the appearance of being a ploughed field - Sand fields where fox-holes were very numerous A Canal with banks like the Levees in New Orleans.
Farther along came to the beach - a sand beach 1/4 mile long - as smooth & inviting as that of Cape May in the States - The limit of this beach next an abrupt bank with [[insertion]] millions of finely broken [[strikethrough]] shell [[/strikethrough]] [[/insertion]] shells 10 feet above high water mark was covered with great quantities of Drift wood - one log 10 feet long & 12 in through.
Coming out on a point extending into the
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Transcription Notes:
W R Sterry was the blacksmith on board