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[[writing on page is seen top to bottom and also at  90 degree in  larger handwriting]] 
he had given them away.[[strikeout]] When [[/strikeout]] I was often afterwards surprised in comparing my drawings of his wife with his that mine were just as good as his or better & my color sketches too & that I painted a head faster & better. One night in bed the whole deceit flashed across me & it stopped me from sleeping.
  Since then [[strikeout]] I [[/strikeout]] it is a year ago I have known Crepon perfectly. He is not bad but weak. I would have told you maybe his history before but it would have made you think me more lonely or unhappy than I was, as I had written more of him than of my other friends. There will be no change in our relations to one another. I will be just as cordial as ever & so will he. That is we will be polite and laugh together. The heart must have nothing to do in that word cordial. [[strikeout]] I was [[/strikeout]] when you told me your opinion of Crepon from his looks I would not [[strikeout]] agree with [[/strikeout]] let on to agree with you but your penetration astonished me for I had been deceived myself so long. You told me Mrs Crepon was more lady like than some one of my friends I forget which one. She has a splendid head & health & was a foundation for every noble quality but [[strikeout]] their [[/strikeout]] her living with him their petty lies to one another and the like is hurting her very fast. In ten years I am sure [[strikeout]] yo [[/strikeout]] none of us would know her. I have drawn her so often I know her face well & it is changing.

[[writing on same side of paper at 90 degrees ]]
I am sorry to have written you such a mean letter but it is what I happen to be most thinking of. It is very cold & damp yet & possibly that is what set me to thinking of it again. Bill & I both have colds fortunately light ones & the little water I put in my wine or something else gave me a week's belly ache which I am now got rid of
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