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EgleBridge. Dec 26, 1953. all is well 
here and I trust my Firends are elce where, where, 
[[superscript]]ever they are. [[end superscript]]  
We were over with Forrest and Mary yesterday. 
Had a lovely Christmass dinner, 
The were 12 of us at the table, a happy lot, 
you see now my Famaly have scattred out 
and each goes with his wives people, 
some day I will try and send you a 
picture of them, that is some of them.
   It has been a warm winter here. 
Picked a dandelion in the yard yesterday, 
no snow here on the river as yet.
   Oma is here came home from Calfornia 
2-1/2 years ago with some Chin Chillays 
from thir ranch, to see how they 
would do in this climate, 
they have did fine, has now ove 80. 
   mrs Cook has come here from the 
ranch and will take back some of 
them for sale after the first of the year, 
I will miss her she is such good company. 
may be you don't know where we 
are livin now, you remember 
where mary and Forrest lived, 
well now they live in a new 
house just across there garden. 
they have sold the old house, 
Geral, you remember their oldest 
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[[written sideways on card]] 
Boy, he and his wife and 2 Boys, live just acrost the Oil 
Kill, in a new house, and carol and his wife and 3
little giarls live in a new House just across the 
road from pearls.
   and my new House is the same field about 1/4 
mile from Carls' and about 1/4 from the old Home 
that you Knew, down across the me[[superscript]]a[[end superscript]]dow where we 
picked charries. Edward and his wife and four children 
and his mother and sister five [[lower portion of "f" is crossed out, making it appear to be an "l"]] in the Home stead, 
I'm down here with Oma,
   So I can see them all every week, and most every
day. Loyed and alice and thir three Boys are down 
on thir same farm,        mrs Cook will go back to 
Calforna the 7 and in tends to come back the first 
of march, they are to buy a ranch over in 
Vermont and live there,   the Californa ranch is
up near the Donor pass, so far from every where,
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