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& distinguished work in U.S. - does not 
this count for any thing?  Does the 1/4 
or 1/8 of "pure" Negro blood in my 
veins count for all? I believe if (the 
Negro blood) counts & counts to my 
advantage - though it has caused me 
at times a life of great humliation & 
sorrow - unlimited "kicks" & "cuffs" -- 
but that it is the source of all my 
talents, (if I have any) I do not 
believe, any more than I believe it 
all comes from my English ancestors.
   I suppose according to the distorted 
way things are seen in the States my 
[[strikethrough]] curly [[/strikethrough]] blond curly headed little boy would also be a "negro"
   True, this condition has driven 
me out of the country but, still the 
best friends I have are "white" Americans 
& while I cannot sing our National 
Hyme, "Land of Liberty" etc. etc.
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still deep down in my heart I love 
it, & am some times very sad that 
I cannot live where my heart is.  
You know many of us have still 
animal qualities strongly developed.
   I had a chicken yard once with 
20 or 30 hens & cocks, when we bought 
a new hen she was chased around the 
yard & abused for 3 or 4 days, & then 
finally taken in the circle & herself 
became a tormentor to all new comers.  
One day I thought I would buy a 
turkey or two - now certainly a 
turkey is as worthy a bird as 
a chicken, but, no - my 30 chickens 
refused to divide the yard with 
turkeys.  They were chased from 
corner to corner, & back again, not 
for a week, but for months, finally 
one became ill & refused to eat &
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