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Aphelia of a Planet, will Philos. allow any motion thereof. Quore. 6 p. 2. 
[[pencil insertion]] MSS 1281 B RB NMAH [[/pencil insertion]]
Atom & Atoms. Vide Particle & Particles
Animals, are they composed of Particles. 2. 8. p.2.
------ how do they grow or increase. 2. 9. p.2.
------ what is the immediate cause of their motion. 2. 10 p.2.
Agents, what were their action to make a Sun 2. 11. p.2.
------ how did they put Bodies first in Motion. 12. 2.
Action, a certain degree of, to produce fire. 2. 16. 2.
Agents, how do they act upon matter retaining heat 2. 21 p. 2.
Ante-deluvian lived longer than we. p. 6.
Air not the cause of Refraction. p. 8.
Actions, in Nature, all Mechanical. p. 10.
Air, what it is. p.10.-23 diff. kinds of. Vol. II. p. 106.
----- how made dense, & increased. p. 10.
----- Light & Fire cause all motions in Nature. p. 10.
Agents, general [[underlined]] Rule [[/underlined]] how the act in this System. p. 11.
Æther dispersed all over the Universe. p. 16 &. 10.
--------- consequence of 1 & of 2. Bodies placed therein. p. 16.
Attraction, no [[underlined]] inherent quality [[/underlined]] in matter, not proved or illustrated by magnetism. p. 14.
Air, thought to effect liquor rising in Cap. Tubes. p. 30
Attraction, accounts not for liquior rising in Capillary tubes. p. 30
Animals, their growth similar with that of a plant. p. 36. bear a prodigious heat. p. 318.
Attraction, the Quantity of the Sun, Moon & Earth upon each other. p. [[strikethrough]] 38 [[/strikethrough]] 39
------ Mutual will spoil the Newt. [superscript]] n [[/superscript]] account of the Moon's abiding with the earth, [[and ?]] makes them to move Retrograde. p. 40.
------ and Projection, will not account for the Celestial Motions. p. 40.
Areas, ought to be greatest when least & least when greatest, if Attraction prevails p. 40.
Aperture of an Eye-lens, how to find it. p. 44.146.
Air necessary for Electrical fire. p. 46.
------ only, confines fire------p.46.
Attraction of Cohesion, accounted for. p. 46.
-------------- no essential property of matter. p. 48.
-------------- the cause thereof. p. 48.
Air, is the Cause of Attraction of Cohesion. p. 48.
------ has no such property as Elasticity. p. 48.
       what that property is & how accounted for. 48.
------ its elasticity not altered by water. p. 54.
------ is made or is always mixed with water p. 54.
------rarifying or condensing it, alters not a barometer inclosed in a bladder. p. 54.
------ converted into Fire. p. 56.
------ None pure. p. 56.
Artries, united to Veins. p. 62. Coronary p. 144.
Astrology, arguments against it. p. 62, 64.
Air or Spirit, what p. 64.
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[[two columns of writing - second column]]
Air, experiments upon weighing it p. 66.
Animals, how at the Deluge, p 68.
Aurora borealis, cause a variation of the needle. p. 100, 161.
Aurum fulminans. Rowning. Part II. p. 145 in the Notes.
Attraction, investigation of the Solid of the greatest attraction. p. 11. 
     its area, & Ratio to a Sphere of equal matter. p. 13.
Argentum Mosaicum. p. 17.
Amber, counterfeit, how made. p. 17.
Arch, how divided into any number of equal parts. p. 43.
Ague, how cured p. 21.
Asthma, how cured. p. 21.
America, best account how peopled Gents. Mag. for 1753. Vol. 23. p. 265, 325, 358, 407 & 607.
Animals, amphibious & land their difference p. 139.
Anticosti, island of, situation & cold there. p. 139, 140.
Aberration of Light by refraction. 77.
Air's pressure not altered nor depends upon vapours & exhalations therein. p. 152-4.
Action, a philosophical definition of it. p. 154.
Air, the [[underscore]] principal [[/underscore]] cause of evaporation. p. 160.
Atmosphere surrounds the Moon. p. 216.
Algebra, what in the abstract p. 294.
Aberration of light in astronomy & mutation of the earth's axis, well treated of. Gent's Mag. for 1765 p. 362, 363 & 4.
Astronomer Royal, to publish his observations made yearly after 1763. Philos. Trans. p. 168. for 1763.
Arabians, their Mansions of the D. Vol. II. p. 53.
Ascent of light bodies in fluids Vol. II. p. 61.
Air, Anaximenes's doctrine of it. Vol. II. p. 15.
Animal bodies, effects of heat & cold upon them. ------ Vol. I. p. 255.
Abbe' Rochon, his prismatic micrometer Vol. II. 74.
Amalgama for [[cushions ?]] in Electricity Vol. II. p. 79, 106.
--------, gold. Do.-- 
Asbestus, an earth compounded Vol. II. p. 80.
Appetite, loss of, restored Vol. I. p. 257.
Alphonsus (King) his saying. Vol. II. p. 104.
Antimony, cures cutaneous eruptions Vol I. 35.
------- used in Printers' types. II. 114.
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