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Body, [[strikethrough]] a [[/strikethrough]] projected, Quore upon the Length & Nature of the cure described. Quore 1. p. 9.

---ies, how were they first put in Motion. 2.12. p.g.

----- how do they act upon one another to produce Fire 2.14. p.g.

----- large one swallow the motion of a less, how. 2.17.2.

----- a dense one contains more Light than a [[rarer?]]. 2. 20. p.2.

----- turning upon its Axis, seems not to send out Rays [[underline]]quaquaversum.[[/underline]] 2.22. p.2.

-----'s Bulk + weight increased by Heat. p.4.

Brass vessels pernicious to prepare food in. p.6.

Body, consequence of one + two, placed in the Universe filled with æther. p.16.

Brass [[underline]]without weight.[[/underline]]. p.14. method of gilding it. p.33.

Bodies, of different Specific gravities immerg'd in a fluid, phenomenon thereof. p. 3A.

---- their Ascent in fluids specifically heavier Vol. II. p. 61.

---- densest, contain most fire. p. 46.

---- Electric [[underline]]perse[[/underline]] and nonelectric. p. 48. which cannot be mixed. p. 48.

Barometer, inclosed in a bladder alters not by rarifying or condensing the inclosed air. p. 54.

---- but rises when heat is applied. p.56

---- rises not in proportion to the quantity of air. p.56.

---- measuring of heights thereby, erroneous. p.56.

Barley grows up + comes to perfection in 6 weeks. p. 62

Blood flows from the Arteries to the Veins. p. 62

Body, greatest + least velocity of it, that can be so as to describe a curve that will return into itself p.39.

Brass, the quantity of its expansion p. 92.140,155.

Blood, - warm, the cause of muscular motion. p. 94.

Bars of iron, made magnetical, p.97,98&99.

Bleeding, Violent, how stopped. p.69.

Barrenness in both sexes, how helped. p.21.

Bason fill with dense Medium & objects therein. p.136.

Blood, a curious phenomenon of it in the heart. p.144.

Barbados, a curious observation made there. p. 146.

Barometer, some attempts to explain the cause of its rise &c. 152.

Brown (Bp.) Margin. p.97.

Barometer, a good one, Philos. Trans. 1761 vol. 52. p.146.

--------------------- Gents. Mag. for June 1765, or Vol. 35th page 272. Do. for Feb 1755. Vol. 25. p.75.

Berkley, B. his doctrine. Vol. II. p.75.

Body Animal, effects of heat + cold thereon. Vol. I. p.255.

Black, to dye ^[[wood ]] [[strike-through]]oak[[/strike-through]] of a fine black, Vol. II. p.79.

Barometer, construction + corrections, Vol. II. p.94.

------ Des Cartes' account of Vol. II. p.100.

------ height at Philadelphia. II. p.108.

---------------- Lucie Leeward Island, II. 109.

-------- Portable and Self-regulating. II. p. 117.

Transcription Notes:
The term Quore is likely a Latin term, possibly spelled wrong. The term quaere is legal Latin and means "inquire" or "query".

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