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Objection to the Season in which the Deluge happened, with its solution.  p.4.
Oil & Sulphur cause vegetable colours. p.8.
Objection to the accounting for the moon's [[addendum]] not [[/addendum]] moving round her own Axis, with the answer. p.38.
---- to the Moon's not abandoning the earth p.40.
Object-glasses of Telescopes improved by Dollond. p.70 to 80.
Obstacles, placed in a running stream, of the rise & fall of the water thereby.  p.80.
Objection, to muscular motion. p.95.
Oister-shells, will cure the Gravel or Stone, p.39.
Oil of [[Spike?]] mixed with any colour penetrates glass. [[D.o.]]
Objections to Hutchinson's System V. Hutchinsonian. &c.
[[Ovrery?]], an improvement & an addition to be made to any already made. for the path of the earth and moon round the Sun. p.[[underlined]] 56A [[/underlined]] of Gents. Mag, Vol. 22. for 1752.  by electricity, 1750 Vol.20. p. 535
Oil of Spermaceti, expence of burning it p.134.
Objects appear less in a dense than a rare medium p.136.
Observations made at Greenwich, to be published yearly after 1763. V. Philos. Trans. for 1763. p 168.
Oak, to dye is of a fine black, Vol II. p.79

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