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Vegetables are the compos'd of particles. Quore.8.p.2
- - - -  how do they grow, or increase.Q.9. p.2
------- will grow without earth. p.6
Vessels, Copper & Brass one, pernicious to get food in. p.6.
Vegetable, colours thereof caused by Oil & Sulphur. p.8.
Universe is a [[underline]]Plenum [[underline]] throughout.p.10 & 16.
Vessel, filled to the brim has the Water convex 
           at top. p.32.
Vegetables, shorter in Spring & at the poles than in 
          Autumn & at the Equator. p.34,36.
----     lodged in Fossils always did remain about 
         the same Latitude wherein they grew. p.4.
-------  their growth accounted for, & is similar 
         with that of Animals.p.36.
Urine will boil in vacuo. p.68.  promoted. p.35
Vapours, kept from rising by Cold. p.60.
Veins, united to the Artries. p.62. 
Vegetables, how at the Deluge p. 68. 
Velocity, greatest & least a body can have to describe a [[underline]]curve[[/underline]] that returns into itself. p.39. 
Variation of the needle by the northern lights p.100.
Varnish, how to make it. p. 17.
Variation of the needle ascertained by Tables. p.57.
Venus,'s transit over the Sun in 1761. obs. p. 114&115.
Vapours, do not increase or decrease the weight of the air 162-4.
Varnish for Mahogany, Vol.II. p.79, coarse wood, p.82.
Vapour, on its ascent & measured Vol.II.p.86.
Varnish for the Silk of air balloons Vol.II.p.81.
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