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32 Linwood Hill
33 " "[[ditto for: Linwood Hill]]
34 = 66 " "[[ditto for: Linwood Hill]]    Pseudoglossa lubricalis Gey
35 " "[[ditto for: Linwood Hill]]        Leucania pseudargyria 
36 = 10 " "[[ditto for: Linwood Hill]]
37 " "[[ditto for: Linwood Hill]]        Asopia costalis Fab
38 (Cat. box 28) 
39 = 397 Linwood Hill
40 " "[[ditto for: Linwood Hill]]        Depressaria lecontella
41 " "[[ditto for: Linwood Hill]]
42 Abinebeck (Lou)    Aug 1885           Catocala ultronia
43 Plattsburgh        "[ditto for: Aug 1885]] Plusia balluca
44 = 12 "[[ditto for: Plattsburgh]] "[[ditto for: Aug 1885]]
45 "[[ditto for: Plattsburgh]]     "[[ditto for: Aug 1885]] Crocata [[underline]] spa [[/underline]]
46 "[[ditto for: Plattsburgh]]     "[[ditto for: Aug 1885]] "[[ditto for: Crocata]]
47 "[[ditto for: Plattsburgh]]     "[[ditto for: Aug 1885]]     Acidalia enuclea
48 "[[ditto for: Plattsburgh]]     "[[ditto for: Aug 1885]]     Eustrolia carneola
49 = 111 "[[ditto for: Plattsburgh]]     "[[ditto for: Aug 1885]]
50 "[[ditto for: Plattsburgh]] "[[Aug 1885]]
51 "[[ditto for: Plattsburgh]] "[[Aug 1885]]     Agrotis plecta Liu
52 "[[ditto for: Plattsburgh]] "[[Aug 1885]]
53 "[[ditto for: Plattsburgh]] "[[Aug 1885]]     Gortyna nictitans
54 "[[ditto for: Plattsburgh]] "[[Aug 1885]]     Pleunyria fluriata
55 "[[ditto for: Plattsburgh]] "[[Aug 1885]]     Agnotis tessellata
56 "[[ditto for: Plattsburgh]] "[[Aug 1885]]     Hadena modico G
57 Linwood Hill                                  Drepanodes varus G.
58 "[[ditto for: Linwood Hill]]                  (Cat on convolvulu minn)
59 "[[ditto for: Linwood Hill]]                  Tortrix albicomana ^ [[insertion]] cleru [[/insertion]]
60 Plattsburgh [[stamp over word in purple ink DR DEAN 1897]] Aug 1885 nolophana avelana
61 "[[ditto for: Plattsburgh]]     "[[ditto for: Aug 1885]]     Agrotis baja S. Y.
62 "[[ditto for: Plattsburgh]]     "[[ditto for: Aug 1885]]     Urgyria nova Fitrd

Transcription Notes:
" [[ditto for: ]] denotes ditto's meaning most scientific names were double checked

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