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4 Jays              Goldfinch
2-4 Doves           Mockers
Grackles            H. Wren
[[red checkmark]] Trasher 4 Ch. Swifts
Starlings           Hummingbird
Warbler (sp?)
 in SE Oak at 8:15 P.M.

8-23-64      70[[degree symbol]]-93[[degree symbol]]
Partly overcast-hot-humid

Ovenbird        Cardinals
Doves           Mockers
Hummingbird     Jays
Flicker         Ch. Swifts
5 P. Martins    Robins
Catbirds        Grackles
Thrasher        Starlings
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Goldfinch       Titmice
House Wren      Engl. Sps. 
Downy     7:20 P.M.
[[red asterisk]] Redsfort (Jmn. [[male symbol]])
Barn Swallow

8-24-    65[[degree symbol]]-92[[degree symbol]]
8-25-64  67[[degree symbol]]-93[[degree symbol]]
 2 squirrels carrying 2 baby squirrels down east yard from front to back of yard

[[red asterisk]] Bobolinks   Thrasher
Downy              Hummingbird

* Large flight overhead
    5:55 A.M. to 6:00 A.M. 
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