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10-15 Cardinals 1 Fish Crow
3-4 Mockers 1 Meadowlark
2-3 Flickers
2 Red-bellies
2 Downys
[[checkmark]] [[checkmark]] Bluebirds very busy at both boxes.
*Sue and Rachel called 
from Marion at 3:55 PM
--almost to their first 
stop at Emory & Henry.
11-15-92 Mon. 40 [[image--degrees symbol]]
Overcast; wind N, 10-30 mph
sunny by 8:30 A.M.
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Juncos Doves
White-throats Crows
C. Waxwings Jays
Towhees Grackles
Bluebirds Starlings
House Finches House Sps.
Robins Goldfinches
Cardinals Chickadess
Mockers Titmice
Flickers Nuthatches
Red-bellied C. Wren
11-16-82 Tues. 19 [[image--symbol for degrees]]
Few wispy clouds in S.E.;
wind S, 5-20 mph;
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