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√[[superscript over √]]1[[/superscript]] Waxwings going to roost in Chinese Holly by garage door--first time.

11-28-82 Sun. 32° -
Light drizzle began early

Juncos                       Doves
White-throats                Crows
House Finches                Jays
C. Waxwings                  House Sps.
Robins                     ? Song Sp.
Cardinals                    Goldfinches
Mockers                      Chickadees
Flickers                     Titmice
Red-bellies                  Nuthatches

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Downys                     [[red text]]*[[red text]] Red-shoulder
1 Bluebird

11-29-82 Mon. 43°-
Rain ended some time after
midnight--[[red underline]]Total=2.1" rain[[/red underline]]
Overcast early, then cloudless
by 10:00 A.M. wind SW, 5-15
mph.-then shifting to NE,
with clouds, in aft.
5-6 Juncos [[strikeout]][[?]][[/strikeout]]30-40 Doves
20+ White-throats       8-10 Crows
8-12 C. Waxwings        [[symbol in red:check mark]]1 Fish Crow
20-30 House Finches     50± Jays
3-4 Bluebirds [[symbols: left arrow and triangle]]  30-40 Starlings
1 Robins                5-6 House Sps.
15+ Cardinals           4-5 Goldfinches
3-5 Mockers [[symbol in red:check mark]] [[triple underline]]5[[/triple underline]] Chickadees
2-4 Flickers            5 Titmice
2 Red-bellies           2 Nuthatches

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Transcription Notes:
2nd page -- Jays in right column near bottom -- originally he wrote 50+, stroked it out and rewrote numbers on top of 50+. I believe he wrote 60-8 (forgetting to put a 0 at the end of 8 to make the number 80. Should be 60-80 Jays).