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too much by the tremendous amount of work I have created. I wish I were out of it. Busy until after 6 P.M with letters and many routine details.
[[underline]]March 20[[/underline]] (Sunday) Took good rest. all day. Spent latter part of day writing up notes of my journal which have become rather mixed and written down irregularly in following and previous pages. Mild weather and rain in the evening.

For continuation of all this see [[strikethrough]]10[[/strikethrough]] pages 58 - further dated March 21.
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these [[strikethrough]]days[[/strikethrough]] entries had been [[strikethrough]][[?]][[/strikethrough]] overlooked
[[pencil]]41 [[pencil]] 
[[underline]]March.3.1910.[[/underline]] Weger again here. conference with Thurlow and Gotthelf in afternoon. after lunch together. Subject was varieties of Cresol. Made a run of A took Weger back to Hotel and met there ^Russell^ Moore's brother. George with me came home at about 8 P.M.
March 4. Drove to N.Y early to Baskerville's laboratory to make sure that nominations for Society Chemical Industry would be in time then drove up to hotel to fetch Weger. Spent day here in various experiments [[strikethrough]]and made a run of b[[/strikethrough]]
Saturday March 5. Drove to Weger's hotel. then we took Subway to Hoboken. for arrival of Hamburg Line Steamer. SS President Lincoln. Dr. Frank of Siemans Halske there. Fine weather slightly foggy. Tessel, Jaeger and a Dr. [[Satersky?]] there.
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