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[[144 written in pencil in margin]]
home.  [[red underline]] George [[/red underline]] and [[red underline]] Nina [[/red underline]] away till 11 PM. awakened me. George bought in Jack Palmer who coughed all night and prevented me from sleeping.
[[black underline]] Oct. 13 [[/black underline]] Mild clear weather. Went to fetch [[red underline]] Dr. Lebach [[/red underline]] and Mrs Lebach at Cortland.  Lunch here discussed [[red underline]] Condensite [[/red underline]] patent contestation in England.  Then afternoon drive with Nina. Miss Kent the [[red underline]] Lebachs, [[/red underline]] to Tarrytown.  Nyack Palisades 135 st. the [[fleet?]], Manhatten Square Hotel.  then
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[[145 in margin]]
drove home.
Oct. 14 Spent most of day writing [[reunderline]] obituary editorial of Dr. Loeb [[/red underline]]for Whitakers Journal.  Got news that [[red underline]] Raschig [[/red underline]] controversy before German patent office has been decided in [[red underline]] my favor [[/red underline]]
[[strikethrough]] Oct. 15 [[/strikethrough]]  Home all day
Oct. 15. Busy all morning and afternoon. Feel tired and bored so went to New York for supper then went to theater - "Merry Countess".
Oct. 16. [[red underline]] Jones [[/red underline]] here all day. Showed use of MnCl2 as catalyst in Bakelite production.  Also use of [[red underline]] MnO2 [[/red underline]]  as hardener. - Fine weather
Oct. 17. Left here early with motor car.  Went to Manhattan Square Hotel
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