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February. 2. 1891
[[margin]] #439 [[/margin]]
New York Office 
charge Louis F. Hummel
9 Emery Arcade
Cincinnati Ohio.
ship to Louis F. Hummel
c/o Geo. Egbers, Blacksmith
#24 East 7th Street
Cincinnati Ohio
Best Ft.
1- special dou dial Bracket Clock.
with 2 dials 36" dia. to be like diagram
submitted expecting center ornament on bottom
of case is to be changed to the figure 9, which
is the No. of Hummells store. - price without
any decoration on case, simply primed with
lead color paint --      #200.00
diagram of case is marked (A. Jan'y. 1891)
To be decorated something like style of our No.76 Bracket Clock -    for #25.00
Feb. 10, 1891
[[margin]] Mar. 30. [[/margin]]
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Feb'y. 2. 1891
[[margin]] #441 [[/margin]]
New York Office
send to    G. S. Lovell & Co
1019 Market st. Phila Penna.
1 No 4 Dial- 8 1/4" dia. - in a hurry
[[margin]] Feb. 7. [[/margin]]
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