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[[preprinted]] 37 [[/preprinted]]

July 14, 1897
[[margin]] 2203 [[/margin]] 
New York Office
ship prepaid to Custodians of Post Offices as below 
Beaver Falls, Penna.
4 #70 Clocks 12" Oak.
[[margin, stamped]] Chg'd ^[[Jul 16]] 1897 [[/margin]]
Madison. Ind.
5 #70 Clocks 12" Oak.
[[margin, stamped]] Chg'd ^[[Jul 19]] 1897 [[/margin]]
Newburg N.Y.
6 #70 Clocks 12" Oak.
Pawtucket. R.I.
4 #70 Clocks 12" Oak.
[[margin, stamped]] Chg'd ^[[Jul 19]] 1897 [[/margin]]
Detroit. Mich.
[[margin]] [[check mark]] [[/margin]] 38 #70 Clocks 12" Oak
[[margin]] [[check mark]] [[/margin]]  4 #70 "[[ditto for: Clocks]] 12" Cherry.
[[margin, stamped]] Chg'd ^[[Jul 22]] 1897 [[/margin]]
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July 15.
[[margin]] #674 [[/margin]] 
Boston Office
to Crosby Steam Gauge & Valve Co.
1 Car Clock Movement with 10" hands fitted.
[[margin, stamped]] Chg'd ^[[Jul 27]] 1897 [[/margin]]
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July 23.
[[margin]] #2205 [[/margin]] 
New York Office        for City of Lancaster. Ohio.
ship to  The E. Howard Watch & Clock Co. c/o Chas. C. Riebe Jeweler                  
Lancaster. Ohio.
Best Ft.
1 No 2 Hour & Half Hour Striking Tower Clock, with Grav. Esc & Comp Pend and Illumination Regulator for Gas, 4 sectional glass & iron dials 8ft dia (opqs 8'4")
put up inclu 4500lb bell (Meneely & Co) $2370.-
[[margin, stamped]] Chg'd OCT__^[[4]] 1897 [[/margin]]
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