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[[left column]]

Boston Office 37/9146. 38/9373.9387.9527.9766.

Bolivia 32/6674

Bowditch [[insert]] New [[/insert]] Sch., Salem, Mass. 32/6713. 33/6937

Board of Supervisors of Buchanan Co., Virginia 32/6729.

Board of Education, Arnold, Pa. 32/6730.

Boston School of Physical Education 32/6776. 37/9191

Bd. of Trustees First Cong. Ch. Akron, O. 33/6826.

Bd. of Education, Huntington, W. Va. 33/6846.

Bolla John + Sons 33/6878

Boas C.R. 33/6940.

Boston Consolidated Gas Co. 33/6960

Board of Co. Commissioners, Cleburne, Tex. 33/7117

Bond Bottle Sealing Co. 33/7175.

Board of Education, Hastings, Neb. 33/7226.

Board of Education, Pawling, N.Y. 33/7236. 38/9437.

Board of Education, Glens Falls, N.Y. 33/7255.

Board of Education, Cleveland, O. 33/7273. 35/8028.

Boott Mills 34/7315.

Bond Machine Co. 34/7318.

Board of Education. Gloversville, N.Y. 34/7358.

Bogart Richard W. Jr. 34/7401.

Board of Education, New Brunswick, N.J. 34/7449.7450.7451. 36/8385. 38/9449.

Board of Education, Ridgewood, N.J. 34/7513. 35/8271. 36/8692.

Board of County Commsrs. Tunica, Miss. 34/7525.

Board of Trustees, Park Co. High Sch., Livingston Mont. 34/7529.

Board of School Directors, Harrisburg, Pa. 34/7636.

Board of Education Pelham Manor, N.Y. 35/7836

Bowden J.G. + Son Inc. 35/7857.

Bond Mfg. Corpn. 35/7861.

Bd. of Education, Massillow, O. 35/7868.

Bd. of Education, Aurelia, Ga. 35/7872.

Bd. of Education, Decatur, Ill. 35/7874.

Bd. of Education, Canton, O. 35/7882.

Boyle-Robertson Const. Co. Inc. 35/7941.

Bd. of County Comsrs., Bloomington, Ind 35/7963

Bd. of Ed. School Dist. #3, Twnshp.  No. Hempstead, Roslyn, L.I., N.Y. 35/7967.7968.

Boston Loan Co. 35/7977.

Bowling Green, O. 35/8039.

Bonney N.H. 35/8149.

Board of Education, Scarsdale, N.Y 35/8176.

Board of Trade Bldg. Concord, N.H. 35/8250.

Board of Education, Plainfield, N.J. 35/8280.

Board of Education, N.Y. City 35/8307. 36/8456

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[[right column]]
Bd. of Education, Linden, N.J. 36/8370.

Bonavista, N.J. 36/8375.

Bd. of Education, Spartanburg, S.C. 36/8380.

Boston Lying In Hospital 36/8438.8577 37/9080.

Board of Education, Lynbrook, L.I. 36/8462.

Bonebrake Theological Seminary 36/8471. 37/9228.

Board of Education, Louisville, Ky. 36/8548.

Boathouse, N.Y. Zoo. 36/8631.

Bd. of Education, Bayonne, N.J. 36/8668.

Bd. of Education, Tenafly, N.J. 36/8707. 37/9168. 38/9741.

Bd. of Education, L.I. City, N.Y. 36/8734.

Boehler Joseph F. 36/8780 37/9018

Bd. of Education, Tuscola, Ill. 37/8823.

Boner J.M. Jlry. Co. 37/8865.

Bd. of Supervisors, Tunica, Miss. 37/8867.

Bd. of Education, Westwood, N.J. 37/8910

Boylston Diamond Co. 37/8926.

Bd. of Commsrs. Evans Co., Ga. 37/8928.

Boston Sch. of Physical Education 32/6776 37/9191

Bd. of Education, Atlantic City, N.J. 37/9006.
[[insert]] & Orange, N.J. [[/insert]]

Bd. of Recreation Commsrs. 37/9052.

Bourne Mills, Fall River 37/9056.

Bd. of Ed. Union Free Sch. Dist. #1, Hempstead 37/9243

Boston Chamber of Commerce 37/9110. 38/9647.

Bd. of Education, Elizabeth, N.J. 37/9163

Boston Publishing Co 37/9190.

[[/right column]]
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