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[[preprinted]] THURSDAY, JANUARY 4, 1866. [[/preprinted]]
Morning.  Make some tubes in the morning and go down to the office with Field.  Into Stearns' office and get Garretts letter.  Get files of Bulletin and Atlas for him.  Go up and see Dr. Trask and down to office and write to Garrett.  Stearns also writes and I take the matter down to Brooks. Go down to see the Fayerway but she has not yet come in.  Get paid off and pay Lorquin and Payot.  Mrs. Denisons to take dinner pass part of the evening there & part at the consuls.  The brig Olga is in, and letters from Mahood & Bush.  Law Frost at the office.

[[preprinted]] FRIDAY 5 [[/preprinted]] 
Morning._ _ Work over shells for a little while then down town with Field.  Stop at the Russ House meet Hyde and get the dictionary of him, go down to Schmolzes with him and down to Hubbards where I get a letter from mother who does not know of my arrival; at date.  Round town on errands about collecting & See Stearns, Brackett at the office.  Go out to Mrs. Bridges' in the P.M. dine there and go after dinner to Capt Scammons house and finding him out, to Mr. Lows where I find Ames. Rains.

[[preprinted]] SATURDAY 6 [[/preprinted]]
Morning work for a little while on shells.  Start off down town but am recalled by the captain who wants me to take him to the next meeting of the Cala. Acad.  Luckily I shall probably be away.  Go to Stearns' office, down to the Fayaway which has arrived, down to Survey Rooms, to tinmans, glass mans, and Bulletin office to find about an article in last nights edition on the Acad.  Back to Stearns office and down to vessel where I spend most of the day remaining, and evening, in working over shells & tubes.
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[[preprinted]] Sunday, January 7, 1866. [[/preprinted]]
Get packed up, and dressed for Monterey trip and work on shells a little while. Go down to the Fayaway and find nobody there, about twelve. Find a sailor who says she don't go till tomorrow morning at five oclock. Get into the cabin and leave my traps there. Go up to Bolanders who has given me letters to Dr. Canfield and Mr Brown. Dine and thengo down to Stearns where spend the afternoon back to Bs. sup and go down to the ship wind blowing a southeast gale with rain.

[[preprinted]] MONDAY 8 [[/preprinted]]
Morning dark rainy and blowing a south east gale. After breakfast walk up town with Jared Norton and trudge down to the Fayaway in the rain and mud. She does not go till the weather changes. Return Bolanders rubber coat, invest in an umbrella & pair of slippers and take it comfortable. Work over tubes in the morning and over shells in the afternoon and evening. Get a large number packed and put away. Toward evening clears up somewhat. Write and work till late.

[[preprinted]] TUESDAY 9 [[/preprinted]]
Glover wakes me in the morning at five oclock with the news of a fair wind, so I dress and immediately go down in the darkness and mud to Jackson Street wharf where I find the Fayaway lying peaceably. Take breakfast on board and about 8 oclock warp out from the dock and soon pass the heads. The bar was quite smooth and we sailed slowly but pleasantly past point pedro. In a S E by S direction the captain determines to go first to Soquel, and take a load of flour from there to Monterey. Turn in early.

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