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[[circled]] 22 [[/circled]]

November 1,

On my return from Galapagos, found Guayas River stil full of [[underline]] cirrocephalus [[/underline]], but also many [[underline]] pipixcau [[/underline]], both juv. & adult

November 5,
Chancay, Peru

[[crosshatch marking]] Adult [[underline]] modistus [[/underline]], non-nuptial plumage, does T when juv. approaches & tries to steal food. T from H.

[[crosshatch marking]] Huge flocks of juv. gulls around. Mostly [[underline]] pipixcau [[/underline]] I think. No or very few adults. Maybe a few [[underline]] atucilla [[/underline]] in crowd Juvs. are giving typical juv. LCN's in air

November 7,
La Puntilla,
[[underline]] belchere [[/underline]]       Nr. Pisco,

[[left margin has vertical column of single hatch ending in a crosshatch marking]]
 [[underline]] Larus belchere [[/underline]] Looks very much like Herring Gull.  Perhaps a little smaller, infinitesimally smaller headed. Short winged, not at all like Rug-bill. Bill & legs bright orange yellow. Dark eye (looks small) Small black spot on upper mandible tip, & large red spot on almost all distal half of lower mandible, gives most peculiar effect.
M.C of mutual V & HF One U rather intermediate, on "aux" side, other U very "aux" "Aux" U head-shape like Mike's photographs of Herring, my drawing of Rug-bill.
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