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                      Inca, Nov. 8, 1955 II
         Sound might better be transcribed as "Keh lich key…", but
so rapid almost a rattle.  Very reminiscent of GKK, (is round noted in flyway birds) Bill opened a little) and closed very rapidly
  2. Stretch. Silent Bill closed. On landing usually Looks much like high phase of chattering.  Not quite vertical
 [[ two sketches of head only]]

3. LCN  In more or less V posture. "Wah" note Bill opened quite widely and then loses.  Often directed toward me.
4. "F" Seen once  Looks quite like F With a soft whining note. Perhaps just a variant.
5. Agg. V. Quite clear.  Short necked  [[sketch]]
6. Also something much like Ch posture of sustained bow
  chincha sud.
7. Something of an aerial stretch with glide
8. Peculiar H or F posture
       Might even be 0+ FB Accompanied by slight up and down head movements, but primarily back of head or whole head. No sign of T
[[ sketch of whole bird]]
Response of mate was chattering performance, both high & low
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