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Jan. 1. From Washington to St. George. Utah. 5 miles.

White crown Sparrows,  abn.
Juineas, abn.
Jack Snipe 2.
R.W. Blk. birds, a few flocks.
Mountain Quail, 3 flocks of a dozen or so each.
long billed Thrasher, 2, singing beautifully.
Brewers Blk, bird. (?) about 6.
Flickers, com.
Marsh Hawk, 2, [[male symbol]] & [[female symbol]].
Tamias 1.
Lepus sylvaticus  1.

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[[underlined]] St. George [[/underlined]]
Jan. 2. Cryssal Thrasher, 2.
Sayoruis sayi. 1 in town
Flicker, 1.
Shrike, 1.
Brewers Blkbird, com.
Zonotrichias, num.

" [[Ditto for: Jan]] 3 [[underlined]] Went down in valley [[/underlined]]
Saw about 50 quail by river.
lots of ducks.
One Chewink
Quails roost in bushes.
Great [[Bluheron?]], 1, (H)
[[Cpemosfiza?]], com, in greese brush below town.
P. podicips, 2.

Transcription Notes:
Ambrosia: Have done Vernon Bailey project before so am familiar with his writing. Have checked most species of bird but one's in [[?]] I'm just not sure about. Tamias = chipmonk Lepus sylvaticus = cotton tailed rabbit