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Jan. 8. Moved camp 5 miles down river.
Great Blue Heron 1.
Blkbirds +
Meadowlarks, abn.
Kinglets, com.
Sayornis, sayi. 1.
[[Chemospiza?]], com,
[[Salpinetus?]] 1.
White crown +
Song Sparrows, com.
Gold Finches com.

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[[margin]] r. rail heard (?) [[/margin]]
Jan. 9.
Short Eared Owl, 1.
Swan in pond 1.
Redhead Ducks, 2, [[female symbol]] [[male symbol]]
Dufflehods, com.
Bluebills, num,
Mud hens num,
Dabchick 1,
Gadwells, a few.
Red Bi. merganser, a flock.
Hooded Merganser com.
Green - Teal, com.
R. W.  & Brewers
Blackbirds, abn.
Quails, numerous.
Cryssal Thrasher, 1.
Meadow larks, num.
Sparrows, nums,

Transcription Notes: For bird references Sayornis, sayi = Say's phoebe bird Duffleheads = type of duck