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Jan. 10 From Atkin's sp by St. George & to Clara Town
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Red head Duck, com.
Gr. Blk heads " [[Ditto for: com.]]
Gr. wing. Teal " [[Ditto for: com.]]
Sparrow Hawk 1.
Roughleg " [[Ditto for: Hawk]] 2,
Pasina montanus 1.
Yellow wagtail 1.

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Jan. 11. 3 miles above Clara Town
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Tex. woodpecker. com.
Flickers. " [[Ditto for: com]]
Song sparrows, abn.
Zonitrachia, " [[Ditto for: abn.]]
[[Junsas?]] " [[Ditto for: abn.]]
R.C. Kinglet, com.
Chickadee heard.
Cathartes, 1 seen
Goldfinch, com.
Quail, num.
parus montanus 5.
Frontal Finch, 20.

Transcription Notes: parus montanus = Willow tit