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[[underlined]] To St. George, [[/underlined]]

Jan. 19 snow on ground.
Sayornis 2,
no change of Sparrows noticed
not so many R.W. Blkbirds seen.
meadowlark 1.
Amphispiza, com.

" [[Ditto for: Jan.]] 20 Sunday,
Hardly thawed.

" [[Ditto for: Jan.]] 21 Left St.George & Camped 12 m. up the Clara 
Rosy Finch , H. shot one on ground. No special change noticed in birds.

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Jan. Chaperal Cock, called Mountain Peacock & said to be found here. 
Tamias & Dipodomy & L. Texianus tracks in snow. [[strikethrough]] over [[/strikethrough]] Snow over about half of valley, deep on hills.
Juncos more num, since the storms,
Rather warm day 

Transcription Notes:
Tamias = chipmonk Amphispiza = sparrow Dipodomy = kangaroo rat L. Texianus = jackrabbit