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Jan. Tamias Track num. on the summmit on a foot of snow.
[[underlined]] Down hill.[[/underlined]] snow soon gone & bare ground.

Lophortyx, a flock near summit. - 20
Tamias, 6 seen.
Juncos &
Shorelarks &
Amphispiza, com. 
4 new cacti.
Yucca arboriscens, abn,
[[underlined]] to Virgin River[[/underlined]]
At Beverdam 28 miles
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Jan.23 [[underlined]] From Beverdam [[/underlined]]
Quail 2 flocks,
Coon tracks
Goose tracks & roost along river at Bever;
Thomomys hills com, all day,
Lepus syl. 1 seen tracks com,
Sialia mex. 7
Grt. Blue heron 1.
Anthus Ludovicianus, 1
[[underlined]] Bunkerville [[/underlined]] 4 P.M.
Brewers Blk. bird, com.
Redwing " " [[ditto for: Blk. bird com.]]
Geese 30,
Meadowlarks, com.

Transcription Notes:
Please read tip or help sections before editing. Also think about searchability of text while transcribing. Amphispiza = type of bird - if you look Vernon changed the second "p" to an "h". Anthus Ludovicianus = titlark