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Entered Kingston at 6 A.M.  Ruins of Port Royal on port at the end of the seven mile promentory known as The Palisadoes.  This is overgrown with low mangroves.  On starboard side is Portland Bight which is an uninviting brushy hill, rather brown in color, and unlike the mountains behind Kingston.  Immigration authorities gave no trouble when we showed our Smithsonian letter, and Customs passed us automatically after seeing a letter from the Colonial Secretary to U.S. Consul.  Dock covered with negroes, two-wheel trucks, baggage, etc.  Boys very anxious to seem to help so they can ask for pay.  Customs examined closely baggage of all negroes.

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25 miles east of Kingston along coast.  Occasional bananas and coconuts.  Two large salt lakes separated from ocean by mangroves dunes.  Streams mostly dry.  A fairly recently burned area at 20 miles may be a good collecting place. This area seems to be rather dry – may be due to extended drought.
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No real collecting yet. Two weevils in grape-nuts at the hotel – didn't keep them. Several june-beetles around lights, also several small things around lights at dinner table. [[margin]] O [[pencil]] O [[/pencil]] [[/margin]] An interesting bird frequents the lawn at the house ^[[insertion]] (Maguers BH) [[/insertion]]. It is about the size of a small towhee, with long tail, carried by the male at a sharp angle with
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the body. Underneath it is a dull white throughout; with a bill like a robin; and with white spots on the wings, some visible with wings closed. One wing is crossed over above the base of the tail, – the other projects down beneath. While searching for some sort of food in the grass, it hops about more jauntily than a robin, seemingly finding it's food by sight rather than by hearing. Frequently between hops it raises the wings slightly or opens them full once or twice. It's call is loud and clear, but not a song. It makes also a short raucous cry. 
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Hope Gardens, just outside of Kingston on the north. A 1600-acre government experimental farm, containing samples of most of the plants of the island. Parts are landscaped, others cultivated or used for pasturage. Is situated next to the foothills at perhaps 200 feet elevation, and gets a little more rain than Kingston.
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This farm is certain to be a fine collecting place. The government entomologist Mr. W.H. Edwards and the Director of Agriculture, Mr. Barnes, extended a welcome and free use of all facilities. Also assurance of right to collect on the farm and on all

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