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[[preprinted]] 4 [[/preprinted]] [[pencil]] Jamaica 3. [[/pencil]]

other government property. Mr. Edwards invited us to his home on Friday at cocktail hour. 
[[margin]] VII-3-35 [[/margin]]
[[margin]] I [[pencil]] I [[/pencil]] ]]  [[/margin]] 
To Hope Gardens (Sta. 1) in A.M. Followed aqueduct up to headgate. 
[[margin]] Sta. 1. A. [[/margin]]
Found a few [[superscript pencil]] (5) [[/superscript pencil]] Staphs and some Nitidulids under fragments of mangos. 
[[margin]] Sta. 1. B. [[/margin]] 
In cow dung found some small Staphs and many Aphodius and larger Scarabs, - also some Cercyons and Histerids. Collected only with forceps. 
[[margin]]  J [[pencil]] J [[/pencil]]  [[/margin]]
In afternoon went up [[strikethrough]] road to [[/strikethrough]] Hope River road to Gordontown and Mt. Industry.
[[underlined]] Station 2 [[/underlined]].
Bridge over a side creek on hillside overlooking Mt. Industry, 10 miles north by east of Kingston. 
[[margin]] I [[pencil]] I [[/pencil]] Sta. 2. A  [[/margin]]    
One or [[superscript pencil]] (5) [[/superscript pencil]] two Staphs and several Carabids under pepples. Many Gyrinids seen on surface of the small pools. Will stop there again.
[[underlined]] Station 3 [[/underlined]].
River bottom of Hope River below Papine, at east end of Hope Gardens. [[pencil]] (1 Staph) [[/pencil]]
   Found practically nothing here, under stones or on mud flats. Will try again - harder.
[[margin]] z [[pencil]] Z [[/pencil]] [[/margin]]    At tea each day we feed crumbs to the little lizards among the plants around the veranda. We have seen as many as five at one time, - sizes from three inches over-all to about seven inches. There seem to be
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[[preprinted]] 5 [[/preprinted]]
at least three or four species. The largest ones are more conspicuously marked and frequently raise the fore part of the body and extrude a large flat pouch from the underside of the head and neck. It appears to be thin pinkish translucent skin stretched over a stiff but curved and flexible support. This pouch may be about one inch vertically by one and one-quarter horizontally and projects forward under the front of the head. It appears to roll out from the back to front. It almost appears to be for display as they come out into a conspicuous position and then perform six or eight times in succession.
[[margin]] VII-4-35 [[/margin]]
[[margin]] J [[pencil]] J [[/pencil]] [[/margin]] 
Stores all closed this afternoon, but only because they missed their regular Wednesday afternoon holiday yesterday. A special boat-load of tourists, - an M.D. convention, was in town. It's a relief not to have a lot of firecrackers and holiday motorists around.
[[margin]] I [[pencil]] I [[/pencil]] [[/margin]] 
[[margin]] Sta. 1. C. [[/margin]] Took sieve and aspirator to Hope Gardens in A.M. and worked soil under cow dung. 
[[margin pencil underlined]] 143 Staphs [[/pencil underlined margin]]
Got large numbers of same things as yesterday, but little else. 
[[margin pencil underlined]] 5 staphs [[/underlined pencil margin]] Ants always plentiful. Very little except Nitidulids found on rotten mangoes.
[[margin]] Sta. 1. D. [[/margin]]
One [[underlined]] Calitys [[/underlined]] [[between 2 horizontal lines]] or. [[/between 2 horizontal lines]]

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