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Examined a freshly cut though dead tree expecting
to find things under bark or chips.  No luck.  Went to mouth of Hope River, seven miles north of
Kingston.  Wide river bottom yielded only one
Caradid and one Staph in two hours of collecting.
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Everything near the coast is dry and hot.
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Along the river saw two herons.  They were
about the height of a night heron with smaller
bodies and carriage similar to Great Blue Heron. 
One was shiny blue-black throughout, the other about equal marked with black and white in irregular angular spots.  
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The hills come right down to the ocean along this section and remind me of the previously noticed fact that most of the slopes are exceptionally steep and appear to be held in place chiefly by the vegetation. Frequently a hillside is quite precipitous, quite impossible to climb under ordinary conditions.  The narrow-bottomed valleys and steep-sided ravines also indicate the youth of the island - physiographically speaking. 
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Along the road around the bay is a group of about twenty -five convicts working in a gravel pit.  About ten uniformed negro guards stand about but are armed only with sticks.
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Several potted vines with small red campanulate flowers on the veranda attract a bird which looks much like a very large hummingbird. 
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It hovers in the same way and gets to the bottom of the matter with its inch-and-a-half bill.  The wing movement is slow enough to be almost visible, while the underside of the tail is the only part which departs from the dark brown color, - it is somewhat reddish.  
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Our lizard - friends have take to croaking in the evening.  Usually four short croaks and then silence for a moment.  They seem to talk back and forth across the veranda.  
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Mr. Edwards allowed me to examine the small collection of insects at the laboratory.  In every family I looked at only one or two species were represented.  Either [[strikethrough]] t [[/strikethrough]] much of the material had been taken away or else there has never been any collecting done.  Even the economic families were very poorly represented.  All the Schmidt bones were lined with paraffine, - evidently a non-corrosive bottom is difficult to find in this damp climate.  Many specimens have been used to make up demonstration cases of pests, - all very crudely done.

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