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[[preprinted]] 8 [[/preprinted]] [[pencil]] Jamaica 7. [[/pencil.]]

[[underlined]] Station 4 [[/underlined]]. Number 9, Norman Road, Kingston. Insects attracted to lights, etc.
[[margin]] I [[pencil]] I [[/pencil]] [[/margin]] In Hope Gardens found one Staph and  one Pseudo - [[margin]] Sta.1.E. [[/margin]] scorpion under bark of dead tree. Also white egg. 
[[margin]] VII-5-35 [[/margin]] [[margin]] J [[pencil]] J [[/pencil]][[/margin]] An extra warm day. Can't be comfortable with any clothes on. Even the residents complain of it. There is quite a bit of breeze, however. Went to see the American consul, - Mr. Armstrong. He was very nice, but sorry we couldn't have been at a cocktail party last night for all Americans here. 
[[margin]] B [[pencil]] B [[/pencil]][[/margin]] A wide variety of native ferns are abundant in the upland valleys, and also in cultivation in the city. The maiden-hair and fish-tail ferns are particularly striking, with numerous others of a more conventional type, frequently with very long fronds. On the hillsides near here are many examples of a plant very similar to the yucca, with a central stem rising ten or twelve feet. Have seen no flowers. At this season any large flowers seems scarce except in [[margin]] G [[pencil]] G [[/pencil]] [[/margin]]cultivated gardens. 
Hope River, which leaves the mountains as a fair sized creek, never reaches the ocean, but sinks into the gravel and disappears. Of course in the wetter season is flows on through a large channel.
[[margin]] J [[pencil]] J [[/pencil]][[margin]] In evening went to cocktail party at Hope Gardens,
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[[preprinted]] 9 [[/preprinted]]
given by Mr.W.H. Edwards. Met two young doctors working for Yawes Commission of Rockefeller Foundation. Names were Saunders and [[strikethrough]] Coombs [[/strikethrough]] [[pencil]] Kumm [[/pencil]]. Also met government chemist (& geologist),- Mr.Barnett. Director of Agriculture, Mr Barnes, also present.
[[margin]] G [[pencil]] G [[/pencil]][[margin]] Moon was in first quarter, Venus in West, and Jupiter in east. A very red star may have been Mars. Could see constellations of Lyre, Scorpio, Orion, Ursa major, Ursa minor, but couldn't see the Southern Cross because of the trees.
[[margin]] VII-6-35 [[/margin]] Collected by sweeping in the pastures at Hope [[margin]] Sta.1.F [[/margin]] [[margin]] I [[pencil]] I [[/pencil]] [[/margin]] Gardens.
In two hours got about ten tiny beetles, many varied spiders, many leaf-hoppers, and quite a few bugs. The scarcity of beetles is very noticeable. What I got were mostly [[underlined]] Scymnus [[/underline]] and [[underline]] Brachyacantha [[/underline]]; two weevils, and one or two other very small things. Was quite discouraged by this poor showing. Perhaps it would have been better somewhere else. I'll try in the banana walks and around the cultivated flowers. Found a small termitarium that will be sacrificed in the search [[margin]] G [[pencil]] G [[/pencil]] [[/margin]]for Staphs! 
 Was again struck with the steep slopes of the hills and the coarseness and [[margin]] O [[pencil]] O [[/pencil]] [[/margin]]rockiness of the soil. 
 Saw a bird very much like a turtle-dove but only about 1/2 as large.