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around between bush and marshland or pasture with a few bananas and cocoanuts. It would be good for frying beaking and sweeping. In the fields we saw many of the Jamaica Blackbirds, about the size of a magpie and with a thick curved upper bill. On the hill we saw many of the small Ground Doves, similar to those seen in Hope Gardens, two Yellow Bellies – a larger dove, but didn't see any Blue Pigeons. In the fields we saw also one Jamaica Canary, brilliant yellow throughout and larger than an ordinary canary. Near the Works Mrs. Bovill showed us a large pile of bones, and several large pile of cocoanut husks. Through the entire day we saw few insects and no beetles, though several places looked like good spots for collecting later on. Mosquitoes were very bad along the Rio Cobre, but not in 
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evidence elsewhere. The bird which I have described from the lawn here is a nightingale. I underrated its song at first, but still notice the short range. They seem to be quite abundant. Large buzzards are common everywhere, searching around and cleaning up all carrion. They all called here "crows."
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To Hope Gardens in the morning to open a small termitarium on a hill. Found all stages except the queen, but no guests. A large number of tiny black ants seemed to be swarming in one of the tunnels and over the egg masses. Also some large red ants (looking like leaf-cutting ants) were at one corner of the nest as if attacking it. Found also a rotten palm stem with a nest of the large red ants. Again could find no guests. A rubbish heap with piles of rotting mangoes showed lots of Nixidulids but no Staphs. A little sweeping along a path yielded no beetles and little else. 
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I stopped at the laboratory to see Mr. Edwards. He gave me a half gallon of alcohol, and invited us to ride to Morant Bay this afternoon. This is a nice ride, – 30 miles, but the country is pretty dry. 
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Stopped to inspect some projects on dying cocoanut palms. The soil is very poor but cultivation or fertilization 
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makes a great deal of difference. Found a lot of myriapods under stones and logs but not much else. Stopped along the beach to search under rubbish. Only a very small amount of seaweed and no insects were found. Hadn't gone prepared for collecting.

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