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[[margin]] VII-13-35 [[/margin]]
Rode around eastern end of island today, - 140 miles
[[margin]] J [[pencil]] J [[/pencil]] [[/margin]]
altogether.  Route was Kingston, Port Morant, Golden Grove, Amity Hall, Manchioneal, John Crow Mts., Pt. Antonio, Buff Bay, Annotto Bay, Castleton, Stoney Hill, and back to Kingston.  Less than half of the road is paved, the rest gravelled and frequently in bad condition.  The first stop was
[[underlined]] Station 8. [[/underlined]]
Along the road overlooking sea beach four miles south of Manchioneal in Portland.
[[margin]] I [[pencil]] I [[/pencil]] [[/margin]]
Tried sweeping and got a fair assortment of Chrysomelids, Coccinellids, one Mordellid, weevils, etc.
[[margin]] C [[pencil]] C [[/pencil]] [[/margin]]
The country is in the zone of over 100 inches
[[margin]] B [[pencil]] B [[/pencil]] [[/margin]]
of rainfall and the vegetation quite rank.
[[margin]] G [[pencil]] G [[/pencil]] [[/margin]]
The limestone is badly weathered and the actual soil thin, but every inch of surface is covered by plants or moss.  The coast is frequently interrupted by small coves, inlets, islands, and larger bays.  These are
[[margin]] B [[pencil]] B [[/pencil]] [[/margin]]
surrounded by dense vegetation but generally not palms or mangrove.
[[margin]] J [[pencil]] J [[/pencil]] [[/margin]]
About one mile south of Manchioneal I turned to the left on a narrow parochial road.  This winds and climbs slowly inland, approaching
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