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Anchored off Plymouth, Montserrat at dawn.  As we did not have to get up for the Officials, we stayed aboard for breakfast, and went ashore about 8:30.  We went on the free launch and even had our bags put aboard by the boatmen.  The Customs House is a little shed and everything was piled outside.  The Officer passed everything without even asking us our name or business.  Since the government offices do not open until 10 o'clock, we went up [[insertion]] to [[/insertion]] the S.S. agent for information.  They had a small parcel of mail sent by hand from Antigua, and told us there is only one hotel, - the Coco-nut Hill Hotel.  So we got a taxi and arranged to have the trunk and bags brought over by cart.  At the hotel (more accurately a boarding house) we met with a financial setback.  We got a double room but could induce no reduction for the two weeks stay.  $5.00 a day it is;  we'll have to do well to keep the average down after that.  The proprietress is Miss Gillie.
  At ten o'clock I walked back to the government building and found the Commissioner.  He was very pleasant and seemed interested in our experiences in Dominica.  He said he would see what could be done.  I was to return in