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[[preprinted]] 2 [[/preprinted]] Montserrat 2.

the afternoon for the results.  After lunch he sent me to the Treasurer who fixed up the import warrants for the motorcycle, phoned the Inspector of Police, etc.  He gave instructions for the delivery of the motorcycle (free), told me that I could ride it without license, and gave instructions in the post office to pass all our mail free!  This was the fastest and most complete passage we've had.  The agents said it was safe to leave the crate on the pier overnight, and I can make arrangements for storing it tomorrow.
  After tea Ruth and I worked a little on stamps for relaxation and finished unpacking.  
  Dinner was quite good.  We even had a fairly good ice cream.  If we can get breakfast just as we like it, everything will be fine.
[[margin]] VII-14-36 [[/margin]]
Planned to write a lot of letters, etc. today but felt very lazy.  Did very little except read and sort stamps.  Didn't even go to town.  After dinner wrote letters to Ed, Stanley John, and Dr. Wetmore.  There are plenty more waiting to be done.  We have only an oil lamp to work by, but I think it's easier on the eyes than the brighter [[strikethrough]] kerosene [[/strikethrough]] gasoline ones.  We have already begun to hear the wonders of this island...  Not so boldly as in Dominica, however.
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According to the Mistress, there have scarcely even been hurricanes here, the 30 year free period in Dominica is a myth, the pineapples here are better than the Hawaiian ones, and a man from the latter place admitted it! The lady in question has been here only four years but she is a [[strikethrough]] dom [[/strikethrough]] West Indian by birth, and quite so by nature!
[[margin]] VII-15-36 [[/margin]]
The sky was so much clearer this morning, after yesterdays late showers. I went out on the motorcycle for the first time, south ^[[insertion]] east [[/insertion]] along the coast. The island rises gently from the sea to the central range- Soufriere Hills, and is largely under cotton cultivation. I went as far as the end of the road at O'Garra's, six miles from Plymouth. 
[[underlined]] Station 262. [[/underlined]]
Six miles southeast of Plymouth, on the coast. A small stream about 1/2 mile west of O'Garra's Estate. In dung found 23 Staphs (Xantholininae - 17, Philanthus - 3, Aleochara - 3), 27 Aphodius, and 14 Coprinae. This spot will stand a return, as the dung is quite plentiful.
  Spent the afternoon writing and reading. The letter was the one to the government in Dominica asking for refunds. The book was The Thin Man. Ruth and I saw it in the movies years ago. After tea I worked on the index to volume 4 of journal.
  Ruth developed a bad cough and a congestion in the throat and chest. These troubled her all night and I guess she got little sleep. 

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