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 As for Montserrat he said it is impossible to predict with certainty. He does not expect an eruption, but it is quite possible. The chances are that it would occur through one of the three existing "Soufrieres" in the southern hills. However, competent observers would be able to give ample warning for everyone to move a mile or two up the coast to safety. He apparently does not expect an explosive eruption  but one similar to Pele. I promised to call on Mr. English soon and was invited also to call on the Wilson's. Both live just opposite the Botanic Gardens entrance.
 At odd times during the day I typed letters and wrote to Capt. Stebbings and the Administrator in Dominica (requesting refunds). Also wrote the Supplement to Dominica Journal, and worked on the Index to Volume IV. Traced the map on page 5 from the one loaned me by Mr. [[Tanernier?]] in Dominica.
 Ruth felt better about tea time, but not as well later on. The cough is gone, and the congestion also, I think, but the lying down is hard on the back and the medicine etc. not conductive to a settled stomach. She did manage to sleep during the evening.
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Ruth's cough was a little more troublesome this morning, but when the doctor came, he said it was natural. She had no fever and felt merely tired of bed.
I went out a nine o'clock along the northern road from Plymouth. Passed one river - Balham River, and continued to the end of the road, near the northwest corner of the island. Stopped to collect at
[[underlined]] Station 263 [[underlined]]
Vicinity of Woodlands, about six miles north of Plymouth, along main road. Under dung in road found 264 Staphs ([[underlined]] Oxytelus [[underlined]] - 256, Aleocharinae - 8), 9 Sphaeridiinae, 1 Histerid, 196 [[underlined]] Aphodius [[underlined]], 3 Coprinae.
 At Carrs Bay there is a fine light - colored beach but I could find no seaweed. Took a sand sample. Went only a little beyond here, the road is supposed to go about two miles farther. It is quite rough, especially on the steep grades and switchbacks. On return saw a small group of fungi on a log [[strikethrough]] , [[/strikethrough]] near town. Left them for a later day.
 Ruth was feeling better after lunch, and I stayed home. I read to her some and we did a few stamps. Just before dinner I walked up to Government House to sign the book. The Commissioner and his wife (I believe the name is Mair) were on the verandah, so I had to stop for a moment's chat. It seems that he was Warden of the northern district of Dominica, in the palce where Forbes is now. When Popham left

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