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[[pre-printed]] 10 [[/pre-printed]] Montserrat 10. 

for three months, Baynes, the Commissioner of Montserrat was made Acting-Administrator; Moir was made Acting-Commissioner of Montserrat; and Forbes was brought from Grand Bay to be Warden. The house in which the Forbes now live is the home of the Moir's. We were invited to tea on Sunday, if Ruth is feeling well enough.
  I spent most of the evening on the index to volume 4 of the journal. I think it's a better index that some of the previous ones, but still not what I'd like. Perhaps I can make the final index volume make up for all deficiencies. 
  While speaking of indices, Ruth called my attention to how poor the index often is in reference books on various subjects. Either the writer of the book is so familiar with the subject that he thinks a detailed index is unnecessary, or else he gives it to another person to make with instructions to keep down the size to a certain amount. Anyway, it is an inexcusable fault, I think. An example of good indexing is Essig's Insects of Western North America
  The "city" of Plymouth has no electric lights. At least one of the country estates [[strikethrough]] at [[/strikethrough]] has its own plant. There is water piped to most parts of the island, mostly installed during the last few years. 
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Ruth was much better this morning and felt like 
getting up. I phoned the doctor for final instruc-
tions. He advised sunshine, so she caught what 
little there was. It was rather threatening.
  I went to town to get some cough [[strike]] st [[/strike]] drops and postage 
stamps, and was surprised and annoyed to find the
Dominica currency discounted 2%.
  Spent some time finishing the last index and 
writing in the journal. After lunch I rode over to 
see Mr. T. Savage English, - a naturalist recommended by Danforth. He lives in a little wooden 
house with burlap walls, dirt floors, etc. just 
opposite the Botanic Gardens. He is rather elderly, 
with a bushy white beard and hair, but very 
friendly. He has lived in British Columbia, Ceylon, 
England, etc. and has evidently been here for 
some years. He is interested in birds, but not particularly in water-beetles, as Danforth thought. He 
gave me two nests for the U.S.N.M. One has two eggs, 
and was made by an unidentified warbler. He made a good sketch of both the male and female bird with color notes, and believes it can be easily identified. 
The other is a common bird, but the nest is unusual in being built partly of cotton. He was able to 
tell me of a few places to try collecting, and invited me to come back again.
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