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[[preprinted]] 12 [[/preprinted]] Montserrat 12.
[[margin]] VII -19-36 [[/margin]]
Sunday. The sky was rather overcast, but I 
started for the windward side of the island, expecting it to be clearer there. The road is fairly well graded most of the way, and the sky did get clearer. I passed Farm Estate and reached the end of the road at Trants Bay (Estate).
[[underlined]] Station 264 [[/underlined]]
Trants Bay on the windward coast. In dung found 187 Staphs ([[underlined]] Aleochara [[/underlined]] -182,other Aleocharinae -5) 1 Carabid, 13 Sphaeridiinae, 50 [[underlined]] Aphodius [[/underlined]], 2 ants. 
  I doubled back and followed the road south past Farm and Bethel Estates to the end near Whites Estate. There is a fine pasture on a small peninsula at Bethel Estate, but I didn't go down to it. The rain was commencing, so I started home. Had to put on the slicker for the latter part of the way.
  After lunch I counted specimens and started a new mystery story.
  At four o'clock we walked over to Government House to call on the Moir's (pronounced Moyer - a Scottish name). They are very pleasant people and we enjoyed the visit. Talked of Dominica, hurricanes, the Forbes at Portsmouth, Mr. Knight in Carriacou, weather in Antigua, the hotels in St. Kitts and Nevis, etc, etc.
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[[preprinted]] 13 [[/preprinted]]
Mr Moir (His Honour, to be proper!) seems to be [[underlined]] slightly [[/underlined]] interested in birds, but his geography is a little weak outside of the British islands. Haiti was somewhere around Santo Domingo, but seemed to make no other impression. They have been at Portsmouth at least since 1928, as they experienced the last two hurricanes there. Previous to that they were in St. Kitts. They have three cats, or rather one and two kittens. Emile S. DeLisle, the Furness agent in St. Kitts is a cousin of Mr. Moir, and he gave me a card of introduction to him.
[[margin]] VII- 20-36 [[/margin]]
Weather not very clear again but I went out collecting anyway. With only two weeks here I cant wait for clear weather during the rainy season.
[[underlined]] Station 265. [[/underlined]]
Along the Balham River, 3 miles north of Plymouth; below the main road. Under 
[[margin]] A  [[/margin]]  stones at the edge of the stream found 8 Staphs (Lorinota - group -1, other Aleocharinae - 6 and 1).
[[margin]] B [[margin]] In dung found 96 Staphs ([[underlined]] Onytelus [[/underlined]] -53, Paederinae-9, Xantholininae - 1 and 2, [[underlined]] Philonthus[[underlined]] 7, Alcocharinae - 22 and 2), 2 Histerids, 29 Sphaeridiinae, 204 [[underlined]] Aphodius [[/underlined]], 1 Coprinae, 4 Forficulids, and several ants. There were many more species than previously, - at least ten. 
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