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[[pre-printed]] 98 [[pre-printed]] St. Kitts 20.
   At 3 P.M. Mr. Elliott came by and I went with him for a short trip into the hills. He took also Mr. Geo. King who is interested in the local museum. We rode up the bye-road north of town to Bayford Estate, on the ridge between the parishes of St. Peter and St. Mary. (same as on X-13-36, page 90). Here we met the owner, Mr. Brownbill, who walked  with us to explore the road down to Green Hill Estate. This is a very picturesque road, but very steep.
[[underlined]] Station 309. [[/underlined]]
Jack-in-the-Box, near Greenhill Estate, parish of St. Mary. From under a broken bread-fruit took 2 Nitidulids and 2 [[underlined]] Calitys [[/underlined]] (Ostomidae).
   We returned, after looking at the ruins of the old Bayford buildings. Mr. [[strikethrough]] Brow [[/strikethrough]] King has a plan to build a hotel there. From the top of the ridge there is a fine view of St.Martin, St. Bartholomew, and Antigua. Anguilla is flat and behind St. Martin. Barbuda is said to be visible occasionally. The elevation here is about 800 feet. 
   Mr. Drayton came by to inquire about the plans for Sunday. We decided to go to the Crater instead of the peak of Mt. Misery. This is wrong time of year for the latter - too wet to be very safe. Mr. Elliott is arranging for a guide. 
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[[pre-printed]] 99 [[/pre-printed]]

[[ margin]] X-21-36 [[/margin]] Felt very tired this morning and had no particular[[strikethrough]ly[[/strikethrough]] plans, so didn't go out. Set myself to put away the accumulated specimens, and spent the whole day on it. Still have a few left.  
   Little else of note occurred. 
[[margin]] X-22-36 [[/margin]] This is apparently the end of the fine weather. We've had showers the last two or three days, but today set in very black, and we had heavy showers in morning and afternoon. 
   I wrote a letter to Grof, one to treasury in Antigua, [[insertion]] and [[/insertion]] one to Scott's for Ruth to order a new Stamp Catalog. We worked on stamps after tea, and in the evening we went out to play bridge at Mr. Drayton's. He showed us the solution to his bridge problem, but we still can't work it! 
   The SS Saint Domingue was due, but didn't arrive. 
[[margin]] X-23-36 [[/margin]] I started out a little late this morning, to go back to Jack-in-the-Box, from the north side.
[[underlined]] Station 310 [[/underlined]].
1/2 mile south of Cayon Village, parish of St. Mary. From excrement took 14 Staphs (Xantholininae - 1, [[underline]] Aleochara [[/underline]] - 7, other Aleocharinae - 6), and 1 Coprinae. I followed the road up past Greenhill Estate to Jack-in-the-Box, where I walked through the "forest" along the creek, but found nothing. A rotten breadfruit yielded nothing.  

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