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[[pre-printed]] 100 [[/pre-printed]] St. Kitts 22.

   On the return I noticed a small cocoa grove just below Greenhill Estate. I investigated and found a small pile of freshly picked pods. No insects had collected, and I could find no cut pods. Very old black pods yielded only 3 Myriapods and 2 ants. This was [[underlined]] Station 311. [[/underlined]].
Cocoa grove at Greenhill Estate, 1 mile south of Cayon Village, parish of St. Mary. In cocoa pods as above. Along the edge of a stream could find only 1 Hydrophilid. 
   If I have a chance I'll come back here Monday to see if anyone can tell me where they cut the pods, - the last time. 
   Spent the afternoon writing to Mother and Daddy. They've left England by now. In the evening Ruth played bridge with some of the ladies. She wanted me to come and watch, but I think she dislikes my trying to help. [[written in different handwriting]] (sic) [[/different handwriting]] 
   No boats in yet. At least two are overdue. 
[[margin]] X-24-36 [[/margin]] Last night Mr. Elliott came by to say that he had injured his ankle and couldn't take us out [[underlined]] today [[/underlined]]. So I started back to see about the cocoa at Greenhill. When I got to the estate, I found the overseer was in town, but I was told that yesterday was the first day 
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[[pre-printed]] 101 [[/pre-printed]]

they've cut any cocoa since last season, - evidently several months ago, at least. In order not to return home empty handed, I stopped at [[underlined]] Station 312.[[/underlined]]
Same as stations 299 and 306. From dung took 633 Staphs ([[underlined]] Oxytelus [[/underlined]] - 566, Paederinae - 13, Xantholininae - 9, [[underlined]] Philonthus [[/underlined]] - 3, [[underlinde]] Actobius [[/underlined]] - 38, Aleocharinae - 4), 3 Carabidae, 66 Sphaeridiinae, 3 large Histerids and 26 small, 130 [[underlined]] Aphodius [[/underlined]] 18 Coprinae, ants, and mites. This is the largest catch of the [[underlined]][[strikethrough]] trip [[/strikethrough]][[/underlined]] [[insertion]] island [[/insertion]], and brings the island total to 1663 Staphs. (Total 16,700.)
   Spent the afternoon counting specimens. Ruth went to play tennis. In the evening we made preparations for tomorrow's trip. 
[[margin]] X-25-36 [[/margin]] Up at 5:15. Breakfast had been laid out last night, but it took longer than we expected to get ready. Mr. Drayton came by and picked up Mr. Haslett and me in his 1926 Chev. It had just stopped raining and the mountains were covered by a very black storm cloud. All the way to the western end of the island we followed just behind the rain, finding the roads in several places flooded with water. At Belmont Estate we picked up the guide that Mr. Elliot had arranged for and drove eastward about a mile to the foot of the hills.

Transcription Notes:
Note: The "different handwriting" (a backhand) in this and a few previous pages I believe may be Ruth's. She sometimes is filling in information (esp. names), but other times is inserting her presence!

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