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[[circled]] vi [[/circled]]


g; 11. Apparently identical in form.

[[underlined]] Jud. [[/underlined]] By adults. With Agg B, description; 22; comment; 22. By juvenile, with Agg. B; 3.

[[underlined]] Hdd [[/underlined]] By adults; 23. By juveniles; 1. By infants; 1, 2, 25, 29. Done more frequently by infant than by juvenile; 2.

5. [[underline]] Other Hostile and Partly Hostile Patterns [[/underline]]

[[underlined]] "Play" Wrestling. [[/underlined]] By adults. [[male symbol]] & [[female symbol]], with MfB (& BT?); 23; [[male symbol]] & [[female symbol]], with MfB and silent MO's; 44. 2 [[female symbol]]'s; 58 General comment; 58

[[underlined]] Redirected attacks. [[/underlined]] By adults. Description; 58. After MO & MfB to me.

[[underlined]] SNF [[/underlined]] Initial reaction between strangers (all ages?) Variable in form. Description; 45.

[[underlined]] "Greeting" Movements. [[/underlined]] By juveniles. Typically (?) PL & chin-up & eye closing; 35

[[underlined]] Urination and Defeccation [[/underlined]] By infants and juveniles; 9

Transcription Notes:
Hdd - is an abbreviation for Huddling - a posture that is studied in the project.

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