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described, a number of small crustacea, one with an orange  mass dotted with scarlet, in the thorax two or three small [[carinurias?]] with the parts about the mouth of a brilliant scarlet
The intestinal canal wine color nucleus livid purple. Above in bottle No 1, Lon 14' Lat 41 N. P.M. Get a few Hyalias and salpas, a curious fish and a feather covered with fish eggs - Sept 7. bottle 2
Sept. 13. Lat. 47. Lon. 148° 30' See two fur seal playing in the water. Many velellae today & yesterday. 
Sept. 14. Lat 48°. 37' Lon 152° 3' A small land bird a Passereulus with the brown in well defined streaks, the four streaks on the head very yellow, and extending