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us, as I have noticed that they do not go north of the Aleutian Islands.
Their eyesight is exceedingly acute, they can distinguish a discolored spot a yard across, in the water, from 
a distance of at least ten miles ^ [[insertion]] and even [[/insertion]] much further than our unaided eyes can see the bird itself.
Its flight in calm weather consists of a series of about five or six short sharp strokes at intervals of a second or more apart followed by a short period of comparative quiescence. They left us in Lat 53 degrees N.
Sept. 21.
Sounded in Lat. 53.10 Lon 163°, 35' nearly NE end of Fidalgo bearing NW 1/2 W true 64 miles 112 fms no bottom

Transcription Notes:
Figaldo or Fidalgo?