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of the scaly kind a small halibut, and a skate with brownish olive back white belly, small stellar spiculaƩ scattered over the  back a row of recurved spines in the median line of the back and 2 moderately large anterior and one small posterior
dorsal fin near the end of the tail which was simply

[[image - pencil sketch of skate tail as described above]]

save the skull and teeth nos 5.
Harrington gets a number of [[flowers?]] and a 5 rayed star-fish & some parasites from the cod.
Sept. 26. see Cardium islandicum, Saxidomus squalidus Purpura saxicola, Collisella patina, Tapes staminea

Transcription Notes:
Checked spelling of latin names of shellfish etc Tapes staminea - type of shellfish Collisella patina - if you google it you'll see Dall's name against it