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leech and some small land shells, Pupilla, Vitrine succinea &c. also a few diptera
Oct. 5.  Mr. Bendel sends us a red fox [[insertion]] 27 [[/insertion]] and some ducks apparently, Nettion [[strikethrough]] crecca [[/strikethrough]] carolinensis [[insertion]] 24 [[/insertion]] Harelda [[insertion]] 22 [[/insertion]] glacialis, Histrionicus [[insertion]] 23 [[/insertion]] torquatus and Lampronetta [[insertion]] (21) [[/insertion]] fischeri? all in autumn plumage. They are badly
torn & bloody but I preserve the skins to identify the species.
Oct. 9. Go to Captains Harbor and Lake Sarycheff to examine the reported amber locality.  Find the rocks south & east of
captains Harbor to be all masses of Syenite [[insertion]] 9 - 10 [[/insertion]] with a perpendicular dip. and

Transcription Notes:
All the scientific names and latin words are confirmed. Have written [[insertion]] [[/insertion]] as TC will want to know that these are later additions to page