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of any tertiary deposites. There were three lakes - one discharging into Lake Sarycheff and another into the third which emptied on the other side of the divide apparently in to Beaver Bay.  Returning find the high bluff on the west side of Lake Sarycheff to be conglomerate [[insertion]] (6) [[/insertion]] in beds nearly horizontal and very distinctly marked on the out crops.
Height above the lake 2000 ft. [[insertion]] covered with hard altered sandsttone black & flinty. [[/insertion]]  Natives here burn huckleberry bushes & small willows for fuel
green - none more than an inch in diameter.
Oct. 12.  One of the Aleuts brings in six or eight Anas boschas and a green wing

Transcription Notes:
sandsttone - TC says to transcribe WITH spelling mistakes Note: Sarycheff then is Sarichef now.