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he did (the smaller one) but hung fire when I found the price had skipped from 20 fr. to 40 fr. Later on it went to 50 fr. and this spring I screwed my courage to the sticking point and determined to have it any how. It was 75 fr. - I got it anyhow and have had more pleasure from it [[strikethrough]] ever [[/strikethrough]] since than I have ever had from a possession ^[[insertion]] before. [[/insertion]] I will write Mr. Macbeth about Kent's photos.
   I get quite a number of newspaper clippings about art in America and am, of course, tremendously interested in the new Society. From what I hear we should have a really great show. I have written ^[[insertion]] (short) [[/insertion]] notes about it twice for "L'Art et les Artistes" - one still to appear. You remember?- you suggested my affiliating with them. I found Armand Dayot a fine big enthusiast; he has given me full swing on American art and I could write on the European men too if I want,- in fact they have asked for one such paper. I have an article on Sloan with them with lots of illustrations - don't know when it will appear. I don't think I can reach
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