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Oct. 29.
Left Colfax at 3:30 P.M.
[[underlined]] Gold Run [[/underlined]]
Carothus (caespetosus), beings
[[underlined]] Dutch Flat [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] Alta [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] Blue cavern [[/underlined]], dark -

Crossed summit & stopped at Truckee
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October 30.
[[underlined]] Truckee [[/underlined]] 7:45 A.M.
Snowers ridge above, Cold. Ground froze, +22°
Pinus ponderosa, var.
" [[Ditto for: Pinus]] flexilis, not below Truckee
Artemisia bidentata?
[[strikethrough]] Caleagins [[/strikethrough]] ? or Cowany's
Arctostaphylos nevadensis. All basian plants -
[[underlined]] Station [[/underlined]]
Popples along stream
[[underlined]] Bard [[/underlined]]
Circocarpus ledifolius, abn
Rocky Streams & ice - [[fords? ponds?]] Abies or picea a few in cañon.
Juniperus only a few
Thuja ocdentalis? scattering and scarce.

Transcription Notes:
Latin names checked. Have left original spelling. Anything I'm not sure of have put in [[?]] Tetrydirnia probably = Tetradymia Circocarpus ledifolius = Cercocarpus ledifolius Thuja ocdentalis = Thuja occidentalis