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then went around town. Went out to capitol & through lower part of it. Saw a lot of old tattered flags mostly taken in battle and of Minn. regiments.
The Capitol is of red brick, very plain, looks like a school building. Is not nearly so nice as the state houses of Calif. & Colorado.
Went up on hill N. of statehouse & looked over town. Could see a large part of St. Paul - very smoky. 
Pioneer Russ building seems to be the highest in this part of town, about 12 stories
Counted 30 church spires from top of hill.
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Could not see far it was so smoky -
Central Presbyterian ch. is one of the spires I saw - 
Convent of Visitation is large. Nice houses on the hill.
Both cable & electric cars -
passer domesticus com. in streets -
Saw the Hotel Ryan -
No snow on ground at home or at Minn. A sharp, frosty morning 
ground froze -
A clear day, thawed in sunshine -

Transcription Notes:
passer domesticus - latin name for house sparrow Info on the history of Pioneer Russ building -