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[[underlined]] Dec. 12 [[/underlined]]
Woke up at daylight from a good sleep in a soft springy berth. Were on the prairies of S.E. Wis. Soon reached Janesville.
Train was delayed 2 hours in night - Country gently rolling prairie with groves of Jack oak bur oak Popple & Willow -
Trees mostly along streams -
Some marshes -
Land mostly fenced. Good farm houses
Small orchards -
Hills rarely 40 feet high - 
Nice little towns
A little snow in N slopes -
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Saw a Red squirrel - No Geomys hills - Country leveler & more trees as we get nearer Chicago - More snow than at home -
Went a long way through suburbs of C - Followed along river
River full of ships - larger than I expected N.Wn. Depo is fairly good -
Transferred to M.C. Depo - an abominable shed.
Had to wait from 11 to 12:20 -
Tramped around town some - looked at boats Saw some tall houses over 18 stories - or tiers of windows

Transcription Notes:
Jack Oak, Bur Oak, Popple & willow all correct. Geomys = gophers